White Decorative Tea Light
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The Borosil Decorative Tea-Light helps create a beautiful, peaceful and positive ambience. The Tea-Light reflects the sacred word “Om”, which is believed to be the first word of the Universe. This symbol is a sacred syllable representing the omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence. The lit Tea-Light projects an “Om” onto surfaces, which not only looks beautiful, but creates an aura of positivity and sanctity.

Choose between white or red to suit the décor of your room.
Usage & Care
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Suggested uses -

  • D Decorative Tea-Light can be used for:

  • Lightening up dull interiors

  • Mood lighting at parties

  • Creating a soothing, peaceful ambience at home

  • Meditation and yoga practice, or in a spa

  • Adding an element of contemporary Indian décor to any room

  • Product dimension (diameter x height) : 80 x 100 mm

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