Vision Glass Set of 6
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Why we think you’ll love it
Borosil's iconic Vision Glass - classic, clean and crystal clear.

Made of special Borosilicate glass, the Vision Range offers the following benefits:
• Extreme Temperature Resistance - Can move straight from the fridge to the microwave
• Flame-proof - Can be directly used on flame
• Easy to clean - Uncluttered design (no grooves or hard to clean corners where dirt can settle down) unlike other glass tumblers
• Lightweight - In addition it is extremely lightweight unlike other ordinary glassware
• Crystal Clarity - Incomparable thinness and clarity with elegant design
• Long life - Will retain crystal clarity even over repeated usage; will not turn milky unlike other soda lime tumblers

Borosil tip: Keep your child’s milk in the glass, and pop it into the microwave or reheat it on the stove in the morning before he runs off to school!
Usage & Care
Warranty information
All VISION products are 100% flame proof and hot plate proof.
Every Borosil VISION product that you buy:

  • Is made of borosilicate glass, and is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of upto 350°C

  • Can be safely used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher

  • Unlike plastic and melamine, will not leech chemicals into your drink even over repeated usage

  • Unlike regular soda lime glass, will not turn milky or cloudy with repeated usage.

  • Non porous glass will not absorb stains or odours

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Vision Glass Set of 6

Capacity: 350 ml


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