Vision White Kurl Set of 6
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You demand the best of yourself, so it's only right you enjoy the best from us. Famous for high quality and performance, we pour our experience into creating beautifully designed, practical products like our Inspiring range. Made from our finest 100% borosilicate glass, they're perfectly clear and incredibly versatile, helping you balance a busy modern life and making whatever you're doing simpler, smarter and better. As dependable as they are desirable, you can trust our products always to
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Borosil's iconic Designer Vision Glass - classic, clean and crystal clear.

Made of special Borosilicate glass, the Vision Range offers the following benefits:
• Extreme Temperature Resistance - Can move straight from the fridge to the microwave
• Flame-proof - Can be directly used on flame
• Easy to clean - Uncluttered design (no grooves or hard to clean corners where dirt can settle down) unlike other glass tumblers
• Lightweight - In addition it is extremely lightweight unlike other ordinary glassware
• Crystal Clarity - Incomparable thinness and clarity with elegant design
• Long life - Will retain crystal clarity even over repeated usage; will not turn milky unlike other soda lime tumblers

Borosil tip: Keep your child’s milk in the glass, and pop it into the microwave or reheat it on the stove in the morning before he runs off to school!
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Vision White Kurl Set

Capacity: 210 ml


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