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About MyBorosil

As our product range grew, there was no one store where you could see the entire product range under one roof. It was then that we decided that it was time to go online, and launched MyBorosil.com

Borosil has been one of India’s best known consumer brands for over half a century. We were making microwave proof glass even before the microwave was invented! In fact, in India, the name Borosil is generic for heat-proof glass.

We have recently ventured into the home décor lighting segment, and are now India’s first brand in the space. We have also launched a range of 100% pure melamine ware, and a range of small electronic home appliances.

Our recipe section collates the best recipes presented in an easy to view format. You can save your favorite recipes in your recipe book for quick reference. And if you like, send us your favorite recipes, and we’ll share them with the rest of our Borosil family!

So happy surfing, happy cooking and happy shopping!

About Borosil Glassworks Ltd

Borosil Glass Works Ltd. (BGWL) is the market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India.

Our Scientific and Industrial Products (SIP) division sells laboratory glassware, instruments, disposable plastics, liquid handling systems and explosion proof lighting glassware through its network of 150 dealers spread across the length and breadth of the country. The BOROSIL®brand represents quality, accuracy and dependability, and all leading pharmaceutical companies,R&D labs scientific, health and educational institutions have been loyal customers for the last 50 years. Our glass has found use in over 2000 different products and applications, in areas as diverse as Microbiology, Biotechnology, Photo Printing, Process Systems and Lighting.

Our Consumer Products division sells microwavable and flameproof kitchenware and glass tumblers through over 5000 retail outlets. Our products are synonymous with elegance, dependability, safety and ease of use. In the kitchenware segment in India, Borosil is a generic term for microwavable glassware.

Gujarat Borosil Ltd (GBL) is the first and only manufacturer of solar glass in India. It has established a 150 ton per day low iron patterned glass furnace for the manufacture of high transmission glass used in the solar industry. The manufacturing unit comprises top of the line European equipment. Customers of this product include leading solar module manufacturing companies worldwide. This plant is the first and only of its kind in India, and has been developed specifically for the fast growing solar industry.

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